1. When was SCVN established?

SCVN was originally launched in 1999

2. Who founded SCVN?

SCVN was conceptualized by Steve Moses and founded by Steve Moses, Robert O'Leary and David Ross.

3. Why was SCVN created?

SCVN was originally created to support business growth by reducing the time that it took to find common answers to growth related questions. In 2007, as more and more clubs entered the market, SCVN became an exclusive private network of high quality executives and service providers who have an interest in helping emerging businesses reach their full potential in the most efficient manner possible.

4. What is SCVN’s mission?

SCVN’s mission is to increase the networking opportunities of both start-up and emerging growth companies by encouraging people to take advantage of our network of skilled professionals and high-level business contacts. As an exclusive high-end business networking organization, we utilize our network of skilled professionals and high-level business contacts to facilitate access to business resources and to help companies reduce the time it takes to find solutions to growth related questions.

5. What’s the difference between the two membership groups, Board of Directors and EPN?

The Board of Directors is the administrative branch of the group that is composed of primarily value-add service providers who are considered subject matter experts in their respective fields. They are tasked with the daily management of SCVN as well as the marketing, membership and event planning associated with a premier organization. In addition, the SCVN Board is a private networking group unto itself and is limited to 30 members. Complementing the Board is the Executive Premier Network that is an exclusive, hand-picked group composed of C-level executives, corporate directors, investment bankers and others who are interested in high-level business networking. EPN Members participate by way of an annual fee that allows them access to SCVN invitation-only Premier events. The EPN group is by invite only and is exclusively limited to 70 members.

6. Why is Board and EPN membership limited?

With more and more clubs entering the market and vying for membership, true high-end effective networking is getting harder and harder to find. In an effort to encourage and maintain deep relationship building among the participants, SCVN has chosen to limit its Board and EPN membership to 100 invitation-only members. These members gain full access to SCVN’s premier events as well as general mixers. General members are not limited and have access to online community and general mixers.

7. How do I become a member of SCVN?

SCVN general events may be attended by anyone. See our SCVN.org website for online participation and event information. For interest in participation on the SCVN Board or EPN please contact SCVN Director Wayne Neale at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

8. What do the annual dues go towards?

There are no dues for those in the SCVN on-line community other than the specific event door fees. Annual Dues are only associated with the SCVN Board and the EPN. Dues go towards general organization administration and overhead costs and event fees.

9. When are your events?

Directors Meeting: The Directors Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month.
Premier Event: Premier Events are held on the evening of the 2nd Tuesday of the month.
Deal Maker's Lunch: The Deal Makers' Lunch is held on the first Tuesday of every month.
General Mixer: The SCVN General Mixer is held on the last Tuesday of the month from 5:45 to 8:00 PM.

10. What is the purpose of each event?

SCVN’s events are focused on business networking and making value-add introductions to helping both start-up and emerging companies. We encourage people to take advantage of our network of skilled professionals and high-level business contacts to reduce the time it takes business owners to gain access to business resources and to find common answers to growth related questions.

11. What doesn’t SCVN do?

SCVN is not a funding organization and does not directly aid or assist in the sourcing of capital for businesses.

12. What is the preferred attire at each event?

At SCVN we like to say, “Dress to impress!” We highly suggest business attire, but suits and/or ties are not required.

13. What is the cost of each event?

General open mixers are usually $15, while our invitation-only Premier events vary from $40 to $100.

14. As an SCVN Director, what is expected of me?

As a member serving on the SCVN Board, you are expected to participate. Participation may vary from one Director to another and we understand this can be viewed very subjectively, but SCVN is all about networking and participating with other referral/introduction minded individuals. With that said, each SCVN Director is expected to regularly attend our events, participate in support of their respective category, and contribute to the greater good of SCVN. Directors are also required to pay annual dues.